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What documents do I need in order to set up my account?

Updated 1 year ago

To complete your account set-up, you'll need:

  • your government ID
  • a deed of sale or a municipal tax form
  • void cheque

Why does Guiker require this information?

Security for our clients is paramount. That's why we've partnered with industry-leading payment platforms (Paysafe and Stripe) to ensure that rent payments are securely transferred directly from tenants to the verified landlord(s) of the property every month. 

In order to receive direct deposits from the tenants of the property, your government ID must match the name on the deed of sale or a municipal tax form for the property. Tax forms are publicly available through your city web portal. Here's an example for Montreal.

The void cheque is so that the rent can be directly deposited into your account.


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