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How can I add my direct debit payment method to the booking?

Updated 1 year ago
Connecting your direct debit to a booking increases your chances of signing the lease to your desired rental unit. The more information we have about your application on hand, the quicker it can be processed.

The steps to add your direct debit are simple and straightforward.

Step 1
Once you've sent your inquiry to the rental of your choice, a popup will appear with two options - begin a chat, or fill out your application. Click "Go to chat".

Step 2
In the chat, click "Add payment method" to the right side of the screen.

Step 3
Add in the amount you will be contributing to the total rent. Click "Next".

Step 4
Select "Add direct debit". A pop-up will appear - fill in your information and click "link my bank account".

Step 5
A popup will appear letting you know Guiker uses Plaid to link your bank account. Click "Continue" and select the bank that you want to connect with.

Step 6
Enter your credentials. Click "Submit".
Step 7
You're all set! You will see your direct debit payment method appear.

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